October 1, 2013

Saint Laurent Paris:Who's the next?

Even This Is A Long-Time Things
But That’s Still The Hot Topic
I Think
And Here I Wanna Talk About Somethings About
Saint Laurent Paris
Or Maybe Hedi Slimane
And Should We Call That “Gossip”?
I Do Think That’s Mora “Gossip” Than The Formal Talk
Hedi Slimane
While Hedi Slimane Was Enthroned
Became The New “King” Of Yves Saint Laurent
He Did Lots Of “REFORM”
First,He Changed The Name
Since Then,There Is No Yves Saint Laurent,And Just A Brand New
Saint Laurent Paris
And Then As A “Tyrant”
Never Can Stand The Bad Comments Of Him
So He “Killed” Cathy Horyn
And There Is,We Never Can Cathy Horyn In Saint Laurent Paris
Cos She Did Some Bad Things To “King”
And Thrid
Hedi Give Us A New “Definition” Of SLP
The High-Street Brands’ Designs,But With The Luxury Price Tag
(Hopely I Can Living There,I Am Afraid While King Saw The Words I Said!)
Also  The Campaign Of Saint Laurent Paris Gonna Be More

Or Should We Can It’s More Cheap?
Saint Laurent Paris Campaigns
The Campaigns Of Saint Laurent Paris Really More “Hommization”Than Before While Stefano Pilati
Used In The Campaigns There Are Some “Money-Girls”Or The Famous Arrogant Stars
But Now There Are Somethings Easy Going With
The Top-Model(Freja,Yuri),The It-Girl(Cara),The Punk&Rocker(Manson)
And The Band(Daft Punk,The Gardens)
Those People Are Who We Used Know In Out Daily Life
We Saw Them In Television,News-Paper,Website And Even Some-Times We Catch Them On The Street…

We Back To The Topic
Hedi Slimane
Made Us Many “Different” Things
The Different Designs,Different Slogan,Different Campaigns
And Different.Different…
And Even There Now Is A New Saint Laurent Paris
At This Time
We Are Not Talk About The “Trends” Hedi Slimane Made For Next Season First
We Talk About The Things He Did
Which Is More “Hommization”
The Campaign
The Campaigns Seem Like Prove Us A Easy Going SLP
But When SLP Still The Luxury Brand
You Never Can Image It Becoming The Topshop Or COS
So While You Are Really Getting Close To SLP
And Check Their Price Tag,You Will Know The Truth Behind Those Campaign
Fake”Close To Civilian”
So About The Fake”Hommization” Fake”Close To Civilian”
Who’s The Best You Think Will Becoming The Next Fake”Hommization”Spokesman?
After Involves With The Models,Icons,Singers And Bands
There Is A One Kind Of Things Hedi Did Not “Touch”
The Movie
So I Do Think The SLP Next Top Spokesman Will Goes To The
Actor Or Actress!!!
And Who’s The Best One?

There Are Three People I Think Is So Suitable For SLP
Cos Them Are

Solemn,Laughably And Pornographic(I Mean Wild)

Morgan Freeman For Saint Laurent Paris
Solemn For SAINT

Pavel Petel For Saint Laurent Paris
Laughably For LAURENT

Harry Louis For Saint Laurent Paris
Pornographic For PARIS

So Which One Do You Prefer?
Or You Think Who’s The Best Fake”Hommization”Spokesman

September 30, 2013


2014S/S Givenchy

is quite pure and peaceful collection

you never can see the

street-style things in this season

no American-House,no Robert Mapplethorpe's Artwork,no numbers47

there are just somethings pure and meaningful

the Harness,the Drape and the leather Details...

maybe Tisci wanna you guys more focus on the women's breast

so he given them a "Circle "ring them up

so you can pay more attention on their breast


obviously i am joke

actually i think

Tisci did that "Circle" absolutely not wanna let you guys to focus on the breast

he may wanna let you guys more focus on the details on the breast

the "Circle"from the neck,and dipped  to the navel

and in this "O"

you can see the breast

oh,hahaha not only the breast

you can see the details more interesting than breast

the harness from a ring below the throat

the weave stripes on the shining fabrics

or meaningful leather bra with the strap slung over the shoulders


follow the things which in the "Circle"

the details of the straps becoming more cool

there is "cross"(X)  thread the neck of Tops

or the leather strap slung over the shoulders like suspenders

and with the hang down stretch drapery below to the waist

and also there is a "X"

such kinds of elegant Tops with those "X"details

becoming more Givenchy

the signify of dark,religion and suggestive

inside of the "Circle"O you are not only can find X

also you can find Y

there is a harness"Y" below the throat

this harness"Y"

or we should call it

the integral necklace"Y"

from the neck and dipped to the navel

and dipped down to the waist

the integral neck "Y" with the girdle on the waist

becoming a meaningful underdress--harness

and the outwear

the Kimono blazer with the lapels and the flaring sleeves

and the closure of the blazer using the shining fabrics

shining lapels and shining closure of the matte Blazer prove us a clearly"Y" 

the interplays of the  matte and shine


all those details

or the "alphabets"


or maybe those words meaning a new story about Tisci

should we translate them to

Ocean X You?(about the night of Met Ball)



Tisci give us a "fresh" Givenchy

or maybe i said wrong

that's new things of Givenchy or new story of Givenchy

and this is indisputably

still indisputably Givenchy


September 26, 2013

2014S/S PFW;Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten 2014s/s RTW

Using The Simply Designs Mixing With Intricate Details
It The Slogan Of Dries Van Noten
This Season 2014 Spring/Summer
DVN Made The Exotic Prints Into The Formal Clothes
Also Made Some Golden Details
The Degrees Of This Collection Is Close To PERFECT!!!
I Can See A New D&G In 2014 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week
I Mean The
Diversifying & Gloom
But Also
Them Just Quite Close To Perfect!
No 100% Perfect
Cos In This Collection
The Skirts And The Flowers Details Which Made By Satin And Sateen Fabrics
Are Really Damn!!!
In This Very Important Situation
Those Fabric Just Can’t”Get It Hard”!!!
That’s So So So Bad For Every Girls
Also Some Boys
Maybe In This Age Of Dreis Van Noten
Both Him Or His Designs
Need Some Viagra To Help Both Of Him
Get It Hard!!!

September 21, 2013

Fashion's Bras Out--Miuccia PRADA

It’s Full Form Is Brassiere(From French)
Meaning–A Women’s Undergarments That Supports Their Breasts
As One Kind Of Undergarments
Obviously We Should Wear It Inside Our Clothes(Jacket,Sweater,Shirt
And Tee)
Also If It Has Been Seen By Someone
We Will Feel Humiliated
But Now
Things Are Different
Maybe We Used Will Feel Humiliated
But Now We Will Feel Honored
Surely “Honored”
Just Don’t Thinking Me
I Am A Exhibitionism Or I Am A Fan Of Lady GaGa
I Just Told You
That’s Is A Trend Of Fashion
The Trend Which Be Polished By Miuccia Prada
You Can Wear You Normal Shirt,Jacket Or Dress
Even The White Tee
But Come On A Try
Wear Your Bras-Out
That’s Can Makes You So Different
Obviously Different
Cause I Think Mostly
There Is No One Can Do This In Public Places
(Except Lady GaGa)
But Talking Back The Topic
It’s Really Really A AWESOME Trend Of Fashion
You Can Find Those Kinds Of Bras Which Specially For Out
From Alexander Wang,Balenciaga,Rochas
So On The Fast Fashion Brands
Zara,Topshop And River Island
And Also This Trend:bras-Out
Is Not Only The Exhibitionism Or Lady GaGa Do
You Can See There Are Many Icon Wear It Into Their Daily Life
Miley Cyrus Wear Her Leather Bra Go Shopping
Rihanna Wear Sport Bra Insted A Jacket To The Airport
Every Girl Loves It
Them Wear It Mix’in With Their Shirt Or Tee
Also Them Can Just Wear It As The Outwear(Top)
Also Now The Bras
It’s Not Only The Things Which Just Supports To Women’s Breasts
As Miuccia Prada Said
That’s A Trend
Also Supports Women’s Willpower
“I Want To Inspire Women To Struggle”Miuccia Said
So On The Men
Miuccia Also Can Inspire Men To Struggle

September 16, 2013

2014S/S LFW:J.W.Anderson

J.W.Anderson 2013s/s RTW
oh oh No No
homosexual not go!!!
seem like this is the slogan of last few collections of J.W.Anderson
but with time goes by
this season
wanna make some-things
real real straight
No sissy shorts for Gay
also No stronger vest for Lesbian
there are just some-things belongs to the straight Women
chiffon dress,leather top and bowknot belt...
but those things are not like J.W.Andersons' anymore
that's more likely the Celine
but also do not like the delicate of Celine
so that's toooooooooooooooooooo bad
it's Straight!
i wanna ask
"have you remember that you said you hate the one-piece dress,but why there are some in your collection?"

September 15, 2013

2014S/S LFW:UNIQUE(topshop)

UNIQUE(topshop)2014s/s RTW
every time
in London Fashion Week
 there is always have a "bad-ass"
the commercial show
to break the Avant-Garde(real fashion) of this City
this show
Topshop UNIQUE
Philip Green
created Unique is aimed to promoting their commercials and also prove us the fashion attitude of TOPSHOP at the same time
but while you are really get close to this collection
you will know the words which them said it right
"fast fashion brands do some commercial designs for the same reason as dogs lick their balls,they can,cos it's part of their biology"

September 11, 2013

2014S/S NYFW--Rodarte

Rodarte 2014s/s RTW
those 3 words
can easily describe you this collection of Rodarte
or maybe the “Kollection”which belongs to
Ke$ha and Rodarte!!!
the Crop-out top,knits with the boat neck and the leather skirts with tassels…
and the “lazy,dirty and crazy”hairstyle
that’s Ke$ha’s style,totally!!!
and i have some doubts about this
“why did Ke$ha do not come out sing ‘Crazy Kids’ in the closing ceremony”?
and also i think this collection should changing the accessories
using the accessories which designed by Ke$ha instead it
the Dick ear-rings,teeth necklace and the lightning bracelet…

September 7, 2013


Alexander Wang 2014s/s RTW
it's a very bold and cool collection
you can easily know it from 
the clothes and the decorate of stage
Wang wannabe a new artist
who wants to create some-things 3D in the 2D space which we lived
the Sharply cutting,hard-edged and the Menswear's fabrics...
those are all belong to Wang
but also you can see the Trousers
with the Japanese Folding art details
it's quite stereoscopic
and also not like Wangs'
and i may think those Trouser and Shorts which with the Japanese Folding art details
was born in French
cause them are

September 5, 2013

2014S/S NYFW-Nicholas "Kraal"

Nicholas K 2014s/s RTW
still be the Opening Ceremony show as last season(2013F/W)
and still the 
Nomad Nomad Nomad
the first few look
using the very clearly color
the white
head-to-toe white
it does clean and clear
but quite boring
then the color changed
sure not change to funny or some-things i am interested
them change to quite "dirty"
the army green with the dark-brown
and also featuring with the model's wheat skin
that's the most dirty i've never see before
i don't know what the designers wanna give us
a stylish soldier
a poet who's on the tramp?
if them wanna give us 
a stylish soldier
i do love to chose
the stylish soldier who made by Hermes(Christophe Lemaire)
cause you know even as be a soldier
i also wanna be the most stylish one
so i wanna be the delicate one
not the cheap one
also i don't wanna be asked by some stranger
"did you just wear head-to-toe HM?"

as be a Poet
i do prefer be the 
romantic poet who's Parisian
them chic and classic
and has their own point

but anyway
this is New York
commercial first!

September 4, 2013

"Kill" Kardashion Kollection

hey Fashionista
i wanna telling you a very "exciting"news!!!
here in Fashion World
there is one more Drama "designer"
maybe we can call her named--Designer
the Reality show designer
Kim Kardashian
i know you will yelling
"Holy shit!!!!!"
so do i,but let us see her first collection please
Kardashion Kollection in Sydney fashion week
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!
are you guys sure this is the Sydney fashion week?
are you sure this is the fashion week?
i can't get how fashion it is???
i do prefer though it's the 
new reality show of TBS
the project "hooker-way"
look the dress on the runway which the model wear
there is no fashion anymore
just some-things like cheap but not chic
or maybe 
it's quite like 
uniform purchasing meeting for the Hookers
i do believe 
the Snooki will like all this Kollection
cause you know
she is also the stupid hoe of 
"Jersey Shore"
and also she also as the "designer" of this Kollection
have no taste,have no dignity
and let's move your eye to the show stage
how attentively Kim
she lets the 
Eiffel Tower,Big-Ben and Empire States in the stage tgt
but just the mould
what ever you Kim Kardashian brings to the runway
even you can bring the really Pyramid to the runway
still you never can be the real Designer 
also never can be the Covergirl of VOGUE
i wanna say
between this Couple who loves fashion so much
and both wanna be the fashionista or Designer
i'd love to chose Kanye
even some people said he has no style
but i do think he is better better than Kim
cause you guys know
between those two collection
Kanye and Kim
at least
we can chose the crop Matador jacket from Kanye's collection
but the Kollection
we can't
maybe cause 
we both have not have the big booty does Kim has
Kim Kardashian is dream come-true now
she became the covergirl of
the CR Fashion Book(3rd issue)
Holy Holy Shit 

September 3, 2013

2014Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week

with the coming
there are some-things can be the real
also there are have some-things
gonna makes you want to 
Killer(to kill it)
just looking forward to

September 2, 2013

Raf Simons--"the Antwerp seventh"

Raf Simons
the boy who was born in a small town of Belgium
and when Raf was young
he was completely into the Television
Television,television,television everyday
the television,MTV and the music had became a very big impact on him
also those part became a very big impact on his designs
From the very beginning of his eponymous menswear label
in 1995
though to his tenure at Jil Sande
since 2005~2012
the 7 years in a German brand
and now Raf's role as the creative director at Dior
Raf was grown up on a street where were farms and cos and animals
a small town,Belgium
there was a complete disconnect from culture 
and actually 
since beginning
Raf was studying the Industrial design
not the fashion design
while he was during his Industrial design education that he became fascinated with the Antwerp six
he was obsessed with the Martin Margiela and Helmut Lang
but in this time
Raf was quite poor
he can't afford this
he only can afford maybe a pair of socks from them
so he started to imitate their designs
in the period of Raf was graduating
he met the women who is the most important one during his designing life
the director at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp
Linda Loppa
in the beginning
Linda was interested in Raf's furniture designs
and Linda was trying to let Raf into the Galleries and get him represented by the furniture 
Raf's always was fascinated with the fashion
never changed(won't change) 
in this time Raf was started to help Walter Van Beirendonck with his presentations in Paris
with the bravely(of loving fashion) 
Raf told Linda
"go away and make some clothes then come back show me"Linda said
with this encourage
Raf gone to Milan with the only 25 pieces and 1500 euros
with this in Milan
Raf took a job as a Gardener in between
while Raf started his first collection
his though this collection was not in order for sell
it has another important role 
just to convince the Linda
and times when Raf was living the Antwerp
became his inspiration for his first collection
the first collection of him was some-things about
the mood of people who around him,and the television and the music
with this long "HISTORY"
Raf's designs is abundant and funny
every-piece of his design
their is a story in 
always you can see some-shadows of Antwerp six
especially in the early 
in the early of Raf's designs
you can see some-things quite"young"
both himself and his designs
you can see
anythings is possible in his designs
the high saturation colors
all run though his designs
"pink,yellow,electric blue and red..."
any colors you can see in his runway
and also maybe you can see those colors in Gay-pride
but obviously in Raf's designs those colors is more fashion 
and about "absurd"
i may say 
maybe we should blamed the time when Raf working with WVB
cause you know
WVB is a weird guy
totally in his designs
so you can see some weird thins in early Rafs'
the colorful Ninja sporty shoes
the colorful XXXXhuge shroud backpack...
shape and details
as be obsessed with Helmut Lang
in some designs of Raf
you can see some-things which used belong to Helmut
such as the sharply cutting 
Raf using the sharply cutting to made some-things quite cool
and with the simply colors
black,white and grey
it does real cool and simply
but just the sharply cutting
be the eyes killer is enough
with the simply colors and season-less designs
it can takes you guys to office and takes you home
if you do not want be the salve of trends
you must chose it
it's really simply but with the remarkable details
deconstruction and ligature art(SM)
having hardly working with those fun designers
Raf Simons concentrate on himself
maybe you also can found some-things maybe not "belong"him
maybe the colorful and freak things(Walter Van Beirendonck's)
maybe the dissolute menswear(Dries Van Noten)
maybe the sharply cutting like the "Scissorhands"(Helmut Lang)
but this is Raf Simons
who's gonna becoming the Antwerp seventh
who's including the old Antwerp six's 
also has his own things
he does a lot things belong to himself
and match it with some-things which belongs to the people who's around him
or his culture
he found it's very important
Raf Simons