September 30, 2013


2014S/S Givenchy

is quite pure and peaceful collection

you never can see the

street-style things in this season

no American-House,no Robert Mapplethorpe's Artwork,no numbers47

there are just somethings pure and meaningful

the Harness,the Drape and the leather Details...

maybe Tisci wanna you guys more focus on the women's breast

so he given them a "Circle "ring them up

so you can pay more attention on their breast


obviously i am joke

actually i think

Tisci did that "Circle" absolutely not wanna let you guys to focus on the breast

he may wanna let you guys more focus on the details on the breast

the "Circle"from the neck,and dipped  to the navel

and in this "O"

you can see the breast

oh,hahaha not only the breast

you can see the details more interesting than breast

the harness from a ring below the throat

the weave stripes on the shining fabrics

or meaningful leather bra with the strap slung over the shoulders


follow the things which in the "Circle"

the details of the straps becoming more cool

there is "cross"(X)  thread the neck of Tops

or the leather strap slung over the shoulders like suspenders

and with the hang down stretch drapery below to the waist

and also there is a "X"

such kinds of elegant Tops with those "X"details

becoming more Givenchy

the signify of dark,religion and suggestive

inside of the "Circle"O you are not only can find X

also you can find Y

there is a harness"Y" below the throat

this harness"Y"

or we should call it

the integral necklace"Y"

from the neck and dipped to the navel

and dipped down to the waist

the integral neck "Y" with the girdle on the waist

becoming a meaningful underdress--harness

and the outwear

the Kimono blazer with the lapels and the flaring sleeves

and the closure of the blazer using the shining fabrics

shining lapels and shining closure of the matte Blazer prove us a clearly"Y" 

the interplays of the  matte and shine


all those details

or the "alphabets"


or maybe those words meaning a new story about Tisci

should we translate them to

Ocean X You?(about the night of Met Ball)



Tisci give us a "fresh" Givenchy

or maybe i said wrong

that's new things of Givenchy or new story of Givenchy

and this is indisputably

still indisputably Givenchy


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