September 1, 2013

Denim Couture

when we were young
we used to takes our Mom to SAKS and let them buy us some LEVI'S denim jeans
and it will cost around 49.99~119.99USD
as for us
in order to get such a pair of jeans
we have to be good at home and school
even in home
sometimes we should do some house-work
with time goes by
while we were older
the Normally American Denim jeans can't meet our demands anymore
and we started to find some Denim jeans which are more
cool and have the high quality
so we found some Japanese brands which has the high quality and good details
such as the 
LVC,R by 45rpm,Sugar cane...
and those kinds brands of the Denim jeans has the high quality and cool details
but also the price is not easy to accepted
maybe when we wanna get such one pair of Denim jeans
we have to save money for a long time
and maybe we call it "keep fit"to a jeans(even this jeans is not by Saint Laurent P)
cos it will spend half of our living expense
and now
the Denim is no longer easy for us to get one

Maison Martin Margiela 2013Fall Haute Couture
Maison Martin Margiela always called their Couture collection
the Artisanal collection
this season
Margiela group give the couture a new meaning
or maybe also give Denim a new meaning
no head-to-toe luxury fabrics and the embroidery details
them use the luxury swaroski Mask,bijoux Top and the embroidery cloak
mix with
the Denim jeans and PVC boots
this "collaboration"such as
the Lonely rich Daughter mets her poor stronger Gardener
this D andG's combination is more hot than the D&G(Docle,and the Gabbana)
obviously there is a Storm gonna be happen
so as the Margiela group use the luxury part patchy with the Denim(*useful)part
*(as we all knew,the useful things always have no good-lookinf
cos them just for USE)
that's just like the "Los Angeles"
and also this time Denim becoming more luxury than usual
Miuccia Prada this time give us a new impression of Denim
the girl who wear MIUMIU 2013S/S on the runway
just like the Lady who in Hithcock movies'
head-to-toe Denim with the bijoux details
and match with the luxury bag and shoes
maybe you will think it's quite look cheap,and not like the MIUMIU before
but when you see through inside of those Denim clothes
you will got it
cos there are the luxury silks fabric inside of those Denim clothes
i love Miuccia's such reverse thinking
she gave the
"flashy without substance"a new dedication
the Useful outside with the Flashy inside
it's the new Luxury meaning of Miuccia
Chanel and Balmain's price tag
as i said
now the Denim is not easy to get it
it's more expensive than we though
actually the Denim fabric is not the important reason of the High price
there are another reason of this high price
the valuable of the Brand and the Icon designers
now the New Denim is more____than we used know
(put'in the words whatever you though,cos it's real different between the
New Denim and the old Denim which we used know)

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