September 1, 2013

Dress-code of 2013Fall/Winter

"a set of rules specifying the correct manner of dress while on the premises of the institution"
this is the literal meaning of this world
but in here i wanna talk about the "dress-code" of 2013FW with you
you mean this "dress-code" mean what should we wears in 2013FW?
and what's the points in 2013FW
when Sweater meets Dress
usually we always think sweater should match with the denim jeans and sneakers
but now
i wanna telling you 
sweater is only that boring anymore
you can match it with everythings you want
borrow a oversize sweater from your BF or Father
and match it with the floral dress  which you are wear insummer
just like the Givenchy 2013FW RTW runway
easily match it with a high-heels boots
all the details of this look are sooooo cool
and both keeping the darkness and women's sexy!!!
i can surely tell you
this collocation is the most IN way in 2013FW
Baby colors
who says?!
who says in Fall/Winter people should wears the darkness colors
like the:black,grey and brown...
in fact in 2013F/W
you can wears all the colors what you wanna wear it
especially the Baby colors
such as the
baby blue,baby pink and baby carnation
in 2013F/W you can wear the baby pink coat with the White skinny jeans
and match it with one pair of Alexander Wang silver heel shoes
i think Miroslava Duma will wear such looks in Tommy Ton's pics
Miroslava Duma
Shining bright
even the song of Rihanna"Diamond"is out of the Billboard
but for us
let us let this Diamond shining bright till to 2013F/W
maybe you will think Shining Bright in 2013F/W are to much over
cos Avant-Garde style may not suitable for everyone
but if you are still remember the
Holographic style(last season)
i think you will try shining bright this seasom
maybe it's quite not easy to dress it
but it's really IN
if you miss it
i think you must be regret it!!
Big big world
"i am big big girl,in a big big world"
just like the song singing
even you are not a "big"girl
but actually you in a big big world
so you need a big big bag that can hold all the things you want
the ipad,phone,macbook,cosmetics,condom,slippers and
indeed a Man
and in the other part
a big big bag can makes your style seem like more
natural and causal
not the artificial!!!

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