September 4, 2013

"Kill" Kardashion Kollection

hey Fashionista
i wanna telling you a very "exciting"news!!!
here in Fashion World
there is one more Drama "designer"
maybe we can call her named--Designer
the Reality show designer
Kim Kardashian
i know you will yelling
"Holy shit!!!!!"
so do i,but let us see her first collection please
Kardashion Kollection in Sydney fashion week
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!
are you guys sure this is the Sydney fashion week?
are you sure this is the fashion week?
i can't get how fashion it is???
i do prefer though it's the 
new reality show of TBS
the project "hooker-way"
look the dress on the runway which the model wear
there is no fashion anymore
just some-things like cheap but not chic
or maybe 
it's quite like 
uniform purchasing meeting for the Hookers
i do believe 
the Snooki will like all this Kollection
cause you know
she is also the stupid hoe of 
"Jersey Shore"
and also she also as the "designer" of this Kollection
have no taste,have no dignity
and let's move your eye to the show stage
how attentively Kim
she lets the 
Eiffel Tower,Big-Ben and Empire States in the stage tgt
but just the mould
what ever you Kim Kardashian brings to the runway
even you can bring the really Pyramid to the runway
still you never can be the real Designer 
also never can be the Covergirl of VOGUE
i wanna say
between this Couple who loves fashion so much
and both wanna be the fashionista or Designer
i'd love to chose Kanye
even some people said he has no style
but i do think he is better better than Kim
cause you guys know
between those two collection
Kanye and Kim
at least
we can chose the crop Matador jacket from Kanye's collection
but the Kollection
we can't
maybe cause 
we both have not have the big booty does Kim has
Kim Kardashian is dream come-true now
she became the covergirl of
the CR Fashion Book(3rd issue)
Holy Holy Shit 

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