March 13, 2014

Get You One--a Fashionable boyfriend

Pelayo Diaz & his fashionable boyfriend--David Delfin
Hey,Look At This Love-Birds
The Fashion Blogger Pelayo Diaz And His Fashionable Boyfriend
The Spanish Designer–David Delfin
Ya,Quite Jealousy Ya?
For Sure,I Do Think As A Human We Are All Jealous This Fashionable Couple
And Also We Hope Them Can Be Such Happiness And LOVE
As For Us(Fashion Blogger)
We Should Do The Things As Prince Pelayo Do
Not Only Just Post Our Outfit And Edits
We Also Have To Find A Fashionable Boyfriend As Peyalos’
I Mean We Should Find Those Kinds Of Fashionable Boyfriend
The Fashion Writer,The Fashion Blogger,The Designer…
Whatever What They Are Do,Just Be Fashionable Is Both Ok
Also Must Be In LOVE!!!
Have Used To Do A Shopping List Before I Go Shopping
Also For Get The Mine(Boyfriend)
I Also Have To Do A “Hunting”List
And The Guys Who In This List Is Available Now
So,Do Not Waste Your Time,Hurry Up!!!
“We Are Young”
The British Group:Jonathan Saunders,Jonathan William Anderson
Christoher Kane,Herny Holland
The Other-Land Group:Ingvar Helgason,Oliver Rousteing
Joseph Altuzarra
As The Title Of Them
“We Are Young”
Those “Candidates”Are All The Young Man(Maybe Boy)
And Some Of Them Are The Most HOT Designer Round This Season
And If You Wannabe A Prints Patterns Bitch Jonathan Saunders Is Most Suitable Choice,Also He Is So Handsome,Gentle And Quite Cool
Or If You Wanna Be The Freak One,So Do Miss Mr.Anderson
He Can Makes You Anythings You Want,Especially The Freak-Things
Or If You Do Not Mind Make Friend With The “Has Been”Icon Model(Aggy)
You Can Go With Herny Holland,He Is So Adorable And Funny
Or You Wannabe The Next Natalia Vodianova,Christopher Kane Or Joseph Altuzarra Is The Absolutely One For You!!!
Trust Me,If You Choose Oliver Rousteing You Gonna Be Famous At Instagram,Also You Can Make Friends With Rihanna
But If Those Kinds Of Guys You All Are Not Like Be
You Wannabe The Low-Key Style

You Can Choose Ingvar Helgason
Mature LOVE
All The Mature ICON:Dries Van Noten,Jonny Johansson,Christopher Lemaire,Walter Van Beirendonck,Nicolas Ghesquiere,Raf Simons,Riccardo Tisci
As We Call Them The Mature Guys
The Always Means They Are Got A Success And Good Grades…
So Most Of Those Kinds Of Fashionable Guys Are The ICON
Also For Us,If We Wants Be Their Partner We Have To Improve Ourselves
Especially Our Behavior,We Can’t Do Like Usual–The Bitch
We Must Be Like The Gentle”Women”…
And In Those Mature Guys
If You Do Both Love The Mature And Bear Guys
Walter Van Beirendonck Is The Best Choice For You,He Is Cute And Freak
Also Has A Huge “Belly”And Sexy Beards…And In His Private Part
I Do Think He Is Like The “Binding”Love With You
Also If You Are So Interested In This Kinds Of Special Love(SM)
But Not Into The Bear Guys,Riccardo Tisci Is The Other Choice For You
He Is Darkness,Religion,Sex”Y” And …Maybe I Should Say Vers
Christopher Lemaire Is Buddhist Mood
Dries Van Noten Is Like My Daddy
Jonny Johansson Is A Real Fashionable Business Man
And If You Wannabe The Most Talked-About People In The World
You Should Try To Have A Wonderful Night With Raf Simons Or Nicolas Ghesquiere…
Or If All Those Kinds Of Guys Also Can Not Content Your Heart And Desire
I Think There Is Just One Person Can Makes You Feel Full
He Name Is
Karl Lagerfeld

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