May 6, 2014

Floral 23/23

outfit today
Acne Studio Montreal sweats,Acne Studio shorts
Vintage denim jacket,Nike * Riccardo Tisci AirForce1 SP boots
Alexander Wang Rocco bag,Zara eyewear
Floral 23/23  photo via Sherry Tse
it’s all blaming the weather
recently the weather makes us feel so confused about it
some-times few days hotter makes you wanna t-back on the way
but some-times there are cold-play
you even don’t know that
it’s the end of spring season,and pre-summer now
23° C, cloudy today
i’m gonna go out to try some lucky
and then i got it
standing out of home
suddenly i found my lucky here is
waiting for a while
floral season comes with us
i found that
that’s my lucky

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