May 1, 2014

Freelander of Thai

here we are,Thailand
morning wearing
American Apparel mini shorts come with,for my lovely breakfast,Rick Owens * Adidas sneakers makes you easy walking under the sun-shine
after enjoy this first shine of today
i’ve like to go for a wild awake here
wore my Dior Homme shirt(check similar one),feat. with Alexander Wang leather shorts(check similar one)
landed this place,which full of Hawt
never can clearly remember that,how many times I’ve been here,my the other town
some people comes to Thai for their sex trip,and some people come to here enjoy their freedom moment
but as for me
i may more concentrate on the L of here
mostly for me
i do not smile always
but while the time since i was landed this land
i start to enjoy/learn how to smile,smiling like the Thai,friendly,warm heart and loving life
Bottomless tanning time at Kata Beach,Phuket,Thailand
stay ready(what a life)
do not has the noise of city
the crowded in the town
the confused between the relationship
there is no place quiet like here
24 hours never can not afford the town/city life
but here,you can saving your time to the next day
that’s why i stay ready
what a life

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