May 5, 2014

Live in Full color

Live in Full Color
Living life Rainbow
today,i wanna show you guys my new sunnies,sunnies(i thought)
but actually i do really thought its more like the goggle
cause while i tried this on,i feel like it’s really can not protect my eyes from the burning sun
but the face of this sunnies is really,really AWESOME
while i saw that at the first time,i feel like never can fall in love with others
cause this time i belongs to this sunnies(i means my heart)
 Rainbow Life comes from
this rainbow funglasses goggle comes from Australia
the new up-coming In-Style country
the fresh designs,which comes from
i love the designs which comes from Au,it’s bold,colourful and full of energy
every pieces comes from au makes me feel likes new,fresh and NEW
of this rainbow funglasses goggle,you will never know how to describe its color
cause it’s more like me,every changing
the color following the flash-light changing every-time
also makes your style changing every-time
that’s the real thousands  face item

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