May 15, 2014

mini purse,with’in a big world

World of the Bags(Chloe,Givenchy,Alexander McQueen,Paula Cademartori,Moschino)
mostly for out world tour/travel we will carrying with our big travel bag,or luggage
at least,we should brings our satchels come
but at this time
trend-market makes us full in love with the mini purse
the mini one which we’ve always thought “slick”
but mow it’s the “new black”time
big big bag,with big big world,that’s truth,but also with the big big burden
mini purse with the mini cute look,also has a big belly can eat all of your stuffs
What's in my Mini Purse--Chanel mini Flap bag
HM kids "Y" beanie,Moleskine notebooks
welcome to my world
this is my world,my private space
i can put all my secret into my mini purse
and move to everywhere with me
at this time,i do a very bad thing to all my big shoulder bag
i've just leave them alone at my home
as for me,i thought it's their sleepy time,cause really a long-time work with them
time to sleepy,and them maybe them can back'in the new stage
and now,trendy-maker let us have fun with mini purse
cute,fun and practical are the most important signs of this mini purse
as for me,i am super into one type of this kinds of mini purse
the cross-body one
super useful and good-looking
you can take it everywhere you want
it's like that,everywhere bag
Mini Purse Line
 check here get your everywhere bag

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