May 22, 2014

Old Memory: What's in my Shit!

All from What’s in my Shit(bag) project!!!
  1. Morning Reading at home,with my lovely Vogue(china),look at this cool cover-girl:FeiFei Sun
  2. Hush!!! I  am gonna be late for the meeting!!! So i’ve just bring my tab check the mails,and cup-cakes come with,as my quick breakfast
  3.  Bunny boy just hang-out with his Bunnies~Oops,wear the Sam Edelman’s slippers can not makes us out of the dress code
  4. Backpack day!!! With’in fashion dictionary and macbook,am i going to my Fashionable class?Nope,i’m just going to the library
  5. Spotted on the freaky,and cool headband
  6. new place,new dream and now get my new VISA
  7. Dating outfit,overall
  8. wake-up song makes me day-dreaming like i am in New York,so just go with my Stan Smith and New York Beanie
  9. New-In Lulu bag,from the ShitLuxuryPig!!!(Saint Lauren Paris)
  10. YoYoYo!!! Let’s go to the beach!!!
  11. patch work day!!! path-work bag and patch-work beanie,even a patch-work me!!!
  12. I’ve always dream i am the Carrie B who’s in SATC,but also i thought i am more like the Samantha in my minds!
  13. Pool day with my friends
  14. got my new mission OUT-work for two days!!!Sh*t!!! why it is not the “Eating Out
check the Instagram,get the more detailing of those styling shits!!!
Even this project/topic does not ever young,or young forever
even it’s bit sucks for somebody
or even it’s time to “be quite”
but as for me
i still keep the warm with it
cuz i wanna sharing my style life,and starling items to you
can get more opportunities with you for talk/comments
even it’s quite shit as this title
as for Mingboy/or MEANBOY
them are what are the stuffs which i am carrying with
also them are the statement pieces of me
the other way of my slogan,or signature

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