May 29, 2014

the new Bow-Tie

the New BOW-TIE,outfit today
T by Alexander Wang long sleeves tee G2000 Trousers(from my Mom’s closet)
Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers,Alexander Wang Rocco Bag,Saint Laurent Paris LuLu Bag
Mo&Co Lace Top as the waist Bow-Tie
Vintage Yohji Yamamoto Balck Vest as the balck waist Bow-Tie
Clavin Klein Watch
the New Bow-Tie
new Waist Bow-Tie
we’ve always let the Bow-Tie as the dress-code of the wedding,or Lido de Paris needed
gentlemen,or gentlewomen would like to wearing their Bow-Tie while them are dress a suit
it’s more likely the Slut how important for food
but turns to me
i’ve never tried the Bow-Tie
i means the normals one,while is more like the neck-cuff
cause as for me,i’ve always thought those gently Bow-Ties are more suitable for Chihuahua
this time
i tried this new Bow-Tie
it’s more cooler than usual,nerd,foolish and bit of ugly get aways
brings the new things into
i tried fasten this tie round my waist
as the new kind of Belt
i got this idea from Phoebe Philo
and would never putting much more detailing in
pure,fresh and easy
that’s her motto

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