June 30, 2014

Cheap 忙Day/Monday

Cheap 忙Day,outfit today
Cheap Monday tank,EX boyfriend jeans
Air Jordan slippers,Adidas socks
Celine Luggage medium bag
Chanel earrings,Ray-Ban wayfarer eyewear
Cheap Monday
cheap busy day
shoulders out tee/the Tank
splashing me,and my passion out
and featuring with this broken jeans/broken relationship jeans
feels like never be that cheaply ever
please hiding your heart of glass
be yourself
whatever cheap,busy or luxury
this is monday
sure,Monday–you’re the bitch everyday
just be my mine
but surely chic,comfy
absolutely busy
keeping this
F*CKing 忙Day

June 26, 2014

je suis Canon,Non?

Je suis Canon,Non? outfit today
(Photo via.Sherry Tse)
Lucky Chouette Je suis Canon,Non? tee, Zara jeans
Dior miss dior bag,Celine Love Life slippers
*** hoodies(i’ve just bought it in Korea)
Vintage sunnies
Je suis Canon,Non?
Mais,je suis Canon,vraiment!!!
wearing this powerful,and meaningful tee today
that’s really a funny piece
which i’ve got it in HongKong IT store
it’s very simply,but chic
also wearing this tee
i can immediately say
I am IN!!!
AKA,the slogan style be right back to the stage
even we do not say any words
but our clothes can help us
Far Aways from Me
je suis Canon!

June 25, 2014

PS for Wearing: Cut & Paste

Celine Fall 2014
hit snooze of the single fabric pieces
we start to concentrate on the pastiche 
Sacai Fall 2014
Photoshop is not just has the useful,working for the pictures/photos
having hitting snooze of the single fabric pieces
we should be waking up within’ the pastiche pieces
wool coat,fusty teacher
down-jacket,old navy
fur coat,rich bitch
leather jacket,biker hooker
so,How to wear chic for Winter?
Coat,Leather and Fur…NO!!!
Instead,a perfect sartorial pastiche piece
Kate Lanphear,knows how to wear chic for Winter
employ the pastiche fur shoulders coat
she became the eyes killer
Pastiche Coat
Diana Vreeland said
“the eye has to travel”
also means we should have a change of our outfitting
especially in this season:Doom&Gloom–Winter
we should try something like this
sartorial pastiche outwears
believe me them can brings you the another warm
also the special chic

June 22, 2014

June 19, 2014

You are from70s,but i am 90s bitch

You came from 70s,but i am 90s bitch outfit today
T by Alexander Wang long sleeve tee,Jovonna London Domino check jacket
Acne Sutdio Dollars prints shorts
AussieBum Underwear, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
Justin Bieber not just the 100% troublemaker
meanwhile,he is also the 10% trendy-maker
having showing off his underwear label band for a while
now this “down” trendy comes out
and showing off how fabulous it is!
Justin Bieber,Sagging Style
if you are not the SWAG people as Kanye,or Sagging Jerk as Bieber
i suggest you do not trying this Sagging Style
it’s not that as you thought easy control
i’d like advice you do as the shows girl run the Alexander Wang’s stage
Cool,Stylish and never Conscious
Alexander Wang SS2010
Mr.Wang provide us the coolest girls run his world
all the girls wore Alexander Wang’s high waist-line underwear matching with the crop-out top
easily cool,and sporty
bit of sexy comes out
super chic
since we got the point from Calvin Klein,printed his logo on the underwear-band
we also got the point of how important you should let us know what’s the label you wear of the underwear?!
firstly the one who tried this trendy,maybe the one front the down-town building sites
the worker-man
bib overall,and inadvertently while them are stoop labour
underwear,has been revealed
maybe all blamed this inadvertently/pure sexy
all the people come up catch this trendy
mostly the second generation wealthy never bent down for somethings
unless it had a yacht
so how to showing underwear off easily and naturally is the  problem for them
whatever,we an ignore the second generation wealthy people’s rich mind
backing our real life
welcome back
how to showing underwear off,but not dirty and cheap is the problem for us?!
absolutely,it’s not the time talking about the Bieber worker!
Joan Smalls knows how to showing underwear off
Jona Smalls tell us she knew how to showing underwear off easily and full of stylish!
Pastel color crop-out top,and skinny jeans
without the belt,makes us thought maybe it’s all cuz Joan Smalls’s model works
she get the perfect body
this jeans it’s too big for her
inadvertently slithering out of her jeans
that’s the real inadvertently sexy
as for us
we have not the model’s perfect body
but we can own out perfect one
so maybe we should borrow the jeans from our boyfriend’s wardrobe
and matching with the crop-out top from our wardrobe
stunning shoes and easy clutch
so,we can wear like that go to grab our homies’ meet

June 16, 2014

Nomadism gone Bad

Nomadism gone Bad,outfit today
Zara Kids red tee,Isabel Marant white jeans
Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci textured blazer
Common Projects slip-on shoes, Chanel mini purse
Ray-Ban Wayfarer eyewear
Nomadism gone Bad
wore my old-school tee today
i found it 3 years-ago,from Zara kids selection
in that time i feel like iam a big boy,who's over the age
today,i made the mix-and-match with my Isabel Marant nomadism embroidered jeans
half-blood from Nomadism,and half came from old-school
such a Nomadism bad boy,fully
inside of spirit thing
the wild-ones
bring the black textured blazer hanging out
Nomadism gone bad

June 12, 2014

She Met Male

She Met Male(Stella McCartney,Versace,MM6 & Mulberry)
having been the first-timer of tried menswear/men-suits
CoCo Chanel knew how delicious of this exchanging-way of wearing
of this exchanging-way of wearing(try men-suits)
not there is just CoCo Chanel do
million of ladies love this flirty way of wearing
also the men-suits really can give their more of free
than their girlish skirt or dress
then,up to this day
this “women wears menswear”trend still in the top of style-board
but today
there are bit of change of this trend
in today
women do not needed borrow the suits from their husband or father
them can enjoy their personal suits wardrobe
and own their personal suits of style
Dark Paradise collection
wannabe the Karl you’ve been fanned
head-to-toe more like the Agent k,or Agent J
Black in Black
cool and mystery
straight forward,easy wearing…
whatever,Black makes you never goes wrong
dark colored Blazer is one of the needed item in your wardrobe
Colorful Domino Collection
“i am feeling sexy and free,like glitter’s rain on me”
just be like Jessie J sang
we need splash our passion,sometimes
all the Black makes us feel like D&G
Doom & Gloom
maybe we should all blaming the weather
fresh Spring brings us more the things than the normal Spring raining
as for our wearing
maybe we can try some things more fresh,and somethings full of energy
and singing the song
iam young,fabulous and sexy
whatever we are in London,Milan and New York
i’Cloud Collection
iCloud not just can update your pics from phone to your mac Via wifi
also can bring us the new idea of wearing
but this iClond is not talk about the things belongs to Jobs
up in the sky,overall
light colors,pure like the fresh air
fresh lady comes out with us
no doom and gloom
no fantastic domino
just pure,fresh and bit of light overall

June 6, 2014

double shorts,insider-wears out

Double Shorts,outfit today
Zara White Shirt ,J.W.Anderson Monster Knits Vest
T by Alexander Wang Grey Sporty Shorts,T by Alexander Black Nylon Shorts
Adidas Stan Smith White Sneakers
Saint Laurent Paris LuLu Bag
Double Shorts
insider wearing way seems like the past season story
and in this coming hot-summer
maybe we should try more things fun than this
and today,i got my outfit inspired from the Show of Alexander Wang S/S2014
also bit of came from Justin Bieber,or maybe Ben Affleck
the SWAG Folks
by “showing your inside-wears out”(your label-band of your Clavin Klein underwear)
even it was became the most Suck wear way
but still i found it more about the word named “attitude”
but this “attitude” means come from the Boxing wearing,i thought(Alexander Wang)
bit of sporty,edge and comfy
maybe also sexy
there’s no way for me,by wearing Calvin Klein underwear to show you my under-band
but there is a way from me,to showing you my insider-wears out attitude
i wore two different style shorts(all come from T by Alexander Wang)
and makes some magics of both those two shorts’s waist
(actually i was always wondering can get the high-waist underwear from Alexander Wang S/S 2010)
Wow~ here it is!!!
the insider-wears out i’ve made(but without Calvin Klein)

June 3, 2014


NewMan,NewMan outfit today
Reason Clothing NewMan tee,A-Bow Life Denim vest
3.1Phillip Lim Skirt/Short
Celine Luggage Mini bag,Nike Roshe Run shoes
even i am not the NewMan here
cuz i am bit of the local here
but with’in this Reason Clothing NewMan tee
i feel so revitalized from it
i feel so New here
ever i do not always try this kinds of real Menswear
as you know,i do more prefer with the Unisex,and bit of Womenswear
but this time tried on this real Man Tee
i chose the reason clothing one
the slogan tee
bold,fun and bit of flirty
also wore the Limedrop Rainbow sunnies
the flash lights makes me feel really like the
the New-Flash-Iron-Man