June 26, 2014

je suis Canon,Non?

Je suis Canon,Non? outfit today
(Photo via.Sherry Tse)
Lucky Chouette Je suis Canon,Non? tee, Zara jeans
Dior miss dior bag,Celine Love Life slippers
*** hoodies(i’ve just bought it in Korea)
Vintage sunnies
Je suis Canon,Non?
Mais,je suis Canon,vraiment!!!
wearing this powerful,and meaningful tee today
that’s really a funny piece
which i’ve got it in HongKong IT store
it’s very simply,but chic
also wearing this tee
i can immediately say
I am IN!!!
AKA,the slogan style be right back to the stage
even we do not say any words
but our clothes can help us
Far Aways from Me
je suis Canon!

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