June 3, 2014


NewMan,NewMan outfit today
Reason Clothing NewMan tee,A-Bow Life Denim vest
3.1Phillip Lim Skirt/Short
Celine Luggage Mini bag,Nike Roshe Run shoes
even i am not the NewMan here
cuz i am bit of the local here
but with’in this Reason Clothing NewMan tee
i feel so revitalized from it
i feel so New here
ever i do not always try this kinds of real Menswear
as you know,i do more prefer with the Unisex,and bit of Womenswear
but this time tried on this real Man Tee
i chose the reason clothing one
the slogan tee
bold,fun and bit of flirty
also wore the Limedrop Rainbow sunnies
the flash lights makes me feel really like the
the New-Flash-Iron-Man

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