June 12, 2014

She Met Male

She Met Male(Stella McCartney,Versace,MM6 & Mulberry)
having been the first-timer of tried menswear/men-suits
CoCo Chanel knew how delicious of this exchanging-way of wearing
of this exchanging-way of wearing(try men-suits)
not there is just CoCo Chanel do
million of ladies love this flirty way of wearing
also the men-suits really can give their more of free
than their girlish skirt or dress
then,up to this day
this “women wears menswear”trend still in the top of style-board
but today
there are bit of change of this trend
in today
women do not needed borrow the suits from their husband or father
them can enjoy their personal suits wardrobe
and own their personal suits of style
Dark Paradise collection
wannabe the Karl you’ve been fanned
head-to-toe more like the Agent k,or Agent J
Black in Black
cool and mystery
straight forward,easy wearing…
whatever,Black makes you never goes wrong
dark colored Blazer is one of the needed item in your wardrobe
Colorful Domino Collection
“i am feeling sexy and free,like glitter’s rain on me”
just be like Jessie J sang
we need splash our passion,sometimes
all the Black makes us feel like D&G
Doom & Gloom
maybe we should all blaming the weather
fresh Spring brings us more the things than the normal Spring raining
as for our wearing
maybe we can try some things more fresh,and somethings full of energy
and singing the song
iam young,fabulous and sexy
whatever we are in London,Milan and New York
i’Cloud Collection
iCloud not just can update your pics from phone to your mac Via wifi
also can bring us the new idea of wearing
but this iClond is not talk about the things belongs to Jobs
up in the sky,overall
light colors,pure like the fresh air
fresh lady comes out with us
no doom and gloom
no fantastic domino
just pure,fresh and bit of light overall

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