June 19, 2014

You are from70s,but i am 90s bitch

You came from 70s,but i am 90s bitch outfit today
T by Alexander Wang long sleeve tee,Jovonna London Domino check jacket
Acne Sutdio Dollars prints shorts
AussieBum Underwear, Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
Justin Bieber not just the 100% troublemaker
meanwhile,he is also the 10% trendy-maker
having showing off his underwear label band for a while
now this “down” trendy comes out
and showing off how fabulous it is!
Justin Bieber,Sagging Style
if you are not the SWAG people as Kanye,or Sagging Jerk as Bieber
i suggest you do not trying this Sagging Style
it’s not that as you thought easy control
i’d like advice you do as the shows girl run the Alexander Wang’s stage
Cool,Stylish and never Conscious
Alexander Wang SS2010
Mr.Wang provide us the coolest girls run his world
all the girls wore Alexander Wang’s high waist-line underwear matching with the crop-out top
easily cool,and sporty
bit of sexy comes out
super chic
since we got the point from Calvin Klein,printed his logo on the underwear-band
we also got the point of how important you should let us know what’s the label you wear of the underwear?!
firstly the one who tried this trendy,maybe the one front the down-town building sites
the worker-man
bib overall,and inadvertently while them are stoop labour
underwear,has been revealed
maybe all blamed this inadvertently/pure sexy
all the people come up catch this trendy
mostly the second generation wealthy never bent down for somethings
unless it had a yacht
so how to showing underwear off easily and naturally is the  problem for them
whatever,we an ignore the second generation wealthy people’s rich mind
backing our real life
welcome back
how to showing underwear off,but not dirty and cheap is the problem for us?!
absolutely,it’s not the time talking about the Bieber worker!
Joan Smalls knows how to showing underwear off
Jona Smalls tell us she knew how to showing underwear off easily and full of stylish!
Pastel color crop-out top,and skinny jeans
without the belt,makes us thought maybe it’s all cuz Joan Smalls’s model works
she get the perfect body
this jeans it’s too big for her
inadvertently slithering out of her jeans
that’s the real inadvertently sexy
as for us
we have not the model’s perfect body
but we can own out perfect one
so maybe we should borrow the jeans from our boyfriend’s wardrobe
and matching with the crop-out top from our wardrobe
stunning shoes and easy clutch
so,we can wear like that go to grab our homies’ meet

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