July 15, 2014

just Goggle it

Ultraman love Goggle(via.Rick Owens glasses)
i don’t know the real useful of goggles’
but i know now
the goggle kinds glasses are so hot
first time while i saw those kinds of glasses
“faceless,diffident and all for vampier”
that’s all i thought
but i was in HongKong go for grab my perfect items
i was dying in the MYKITA’s select
the dazzling goggles are so cool
even all those kinds of goggles can hide all your trouble
i was tried the MYKITA*Bernhard Willhelm goggles glasses on
oh lord
i love it so so much
i wore it so cool,and fantastic
this goggles glasses makes me feel so cool
and full of self confidence
even in fact i wore a tired face and cutie panda eyes
but don’t worry about all those troubles
this goggles glasses can help you cover off all those mess
bring you back yourself sparkling 
those kinds of goggle glasses
not just belongs to freaky fashionista,or the independent brands
also there are some unbelievable things happened to the monogram brands
Celine,3.1Phillip Lim,Alexander McQueen and Rick Owens 
do not just
go grab it now

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