July 31, 2014

Their Works

all the Icons
Pelayo Diaz,Marcelo Burlon,Miranda Kerr & Taylor Tomasi Hill
mostly in our minds
them are the untouchable Icon/Famous one
them are charming,cool and startling
we called them–Icon/or Idol
but actually them are own their another title,or work
let’s go for seeking it 
Taylor Tomasi Hill,owner of Blooms
we called her”never goes wrong”
cuz of her style,she never did the wrong choice
she was the accessories manager of magazine since very beginning
and then senior stylist
and just few month ago she has quit of the creative director of theLuxury e-shop:Moda Operamdi
also she has quitted all those mission which has been a hiree
She changed her role to a hirer
a Florist
Taylor made her florist fashionable
Chiara Ferragni,blogger of the Blondesalad
Chiara,she is not just a fashion blogger
she is also a money maker
born with the silver-spoon in Italy
since she has born there,Chiara never feel one minute worry about money
her rich father made her the real princess life
and then Chiara opened her own space–theblondesalad.com
theblondesalad.com is not just a simply blog
theblondesalad.com also made Chiara became the princess of all the others bloggers
although,Chiara never feel wrong about the money
but never,she never stop her plan of grab money
she created her own shoes label with the same name of her
Chiara Ferragni
all those pieces from Chiara Ferragni shoe collection
are really chic,modern and classic
all those statement pieces more like the signature of Chiara
Marcelo Burlon,owner of the as same named label–Marcelo Burlon
DJ,Stylist,Art Director,Blogger,PR,Event Manager…
those are the real title of Marcelo Burlon
he is more like a multi-fashionista
everything,every-career for him,seem like all possible
he was born for fashion,for run-way
he has putted out his group
“Marcelo Burlon Country of Milan”
few years ago
but now,it became the top of Hot-Sells
everyone owned it
Marcelo Burlon,with his fashion gangs
Marcelo Burlon more like a big family
quit warm of style
Marcelo Burlon’s style
just like Milan mixture with London
London–Young and Wild,bit of Underground
Pelayo Diaz,owner of Katelovesme.net
whatever where you are getting know about him
his drama,crazing about Kate Moss
his cutie Mickey Mouse look
or maybe his hot-body
this is our Price Pelayo
one of the most hottest fashion blogger
born was in Spain,a wealthy family
graduated from Center Saint Martin
all those makes his fashion Avenue/Road more smoothy than others 
when talk about this bag collection
we’d have to talk about the man,whose really important of this collection
the owner of this collection–David Delfin,Prince Pelayo’s Boyfriend(or maybe Ex)
he is also a Spanish
since very begging he just do all about art
and then maybe in-courage of Prince
he start to do some-thing can contributing Art,Love and Fashion…
and then,that’s what happened and what’s we gonna see

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