September 23, 2014

New,To Wearing

every-time while we’ve get the call from Fashion Week
we’ve all minds of/think of/dream of the new item of next season
what will be in trend next season?which items will be the best sellers?
but all the time we may ignore the most useful things for us,in fashion week–how to wearing be IN next season!
it’s not just about a bag,a pair of shoes or the trend
it’s about the attitude
Show case from Ashish,Marques Almeida & Hood by Air
denim seem like never way far from fashion,since human created denim
with every season,every trends differently
denim provide us different vision,style and the trend
Ashish using his particular high quality Indian style embroidered make us the new luxury denim
shining bright sequins flirting every-time when we walking on
Marques Almeida keep their way to deal with denim fabrics…grunge but chic
how to be a eyes killa with such gorgeous denim pieces?
we can as Ashish do,wearing the denim jeans informal
or maybe also can trying to Head-to-toe all be denim victim
layering does not like the word just can using of for make-up and hair-cutting
now this season,layering for wearing be in the main road
but how to wear layering can keep both chic and layers but not be Mess!
we can do as Proenza Schoular show-stage,be a good scholar babe in high-schooler style
wearing the shirt inside of the  knits dress
but of preppy style with’in layers,keeping the clean,layering and chic
if there’s a time when we wanna be in some special
we can try somethings different as JWAnderson
wearing the Trench-coat inside,as the dress
and matching with a huge belt outside of it,with different texture
dramatics layering go on with,but not in Mess situation 
Susie Bubble,
Susie Lau the most stylish blogger knows how to wearing NEW every-season
never be minds of,or maybe thought if you do wearing such NEW style
people will be laugh at you,or maybe face the mirror thought you are totally a freak
Susie Lau tell you
be a unique one

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