October 26, 2014

Girls Made Leather--Missy Skins

not the type of McCartney someone,we do natural leather abstemious
also do not wannabe the obedient girlish baby-scholar
we’ve just be ourselves
bold,meaningful and stay with cool
Missy Skins
which based in Shanghai,China,two gurls–Victoria,and Jessica flight over 10 hours here from Sydney
courage under their kindly Aunt
two gurls opened their hand-made business
not the broken girls made cap-cake at home,just like s the real house-wife
those two girls tried the more bold thing
gurl made lather
“Obviously i am not the kinda girlish princess,tom-boy i am,totally”Victoria said
Missy Skins Collection
 innate understanding of the beauty of skins and leather,and with’in the high quality fabrics
Missy Skins made for the modern girls who’s bold and stay with cool,bit of tomboy
them may more into underground,full of energetics,still with bit of sexy same time
rebel some-time,and free spirit,confident
that’s the girls who’s belongs to Missy Skins
New Collection–True Romance
faculty,it’s a capsule collation of Missy Skins
you can easily find out the differently between those two lines
this capsule collation more young’y,colored and fun
denim fabrics and lightly colors,feat’ with the meaningful funny slogan
totally young’y wild ones loves
inspired from the Old-Movie:True Romance
dangerous bit of,with full of exciting,and really love
as for us
we do party,drunk and blah blah blah
so we do not even care,got our hands in the air,gonna fill my tank and go
hooky with all our girls gonna run around the town,we can do whatever we want
cause we are young, brave and full of love in our heart
that’s our main mind of the True Romance

(P.s:tried this fab Planted Leather Biker Jacket on,also trying to fingering out how to deal with it,finally,found out,my Uncle.Credit can dealing with all those fab items from Missy Skins)

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