October 30, 2014

Urban HeroiC.J. Yao

how to be as the super-girl saving round world and office,also maternity home same time?
this is the question those days that i’m gonna fingering out frequently
while i’ve got the attend to Shanghai Fashion Week,for C.J. Yao 2015SS
i’ve got the point which i’ve always fingering out
-grown women can carrying on both those two parts of their life-
them do warmness wife/mom by night at home,act like the hardcore office-lady by day
hardcore,with warmness
C.J. Yao 2015SS
CJ brought us all those pieces complexly
-women the most complex body run this world-
all those pieces from C.J. Yao 2015SS easily prove us how complement woman is
softy overall,but turns to the detailing–hardcore
silk fabrics more like the warmness house-wife,brings us more about the comfy and sweet
and the detailing with silk-wood provide us the other side of women–strong,bold and serious
she is a woman,a wife,a mother
all those pieces more as CJ’s signature
able women,hardcore for work
Jasky’s Mom preciously warmness home
CJ keeping her signature of body cutting/silhouette
by using the layers folding silk pieces incorporating silk-wooden detailing
we get these inspired from all those impression silhouettes/detailing
that look like the hero who’s  crippling the women status,also providing them with protection
-urban hero,she is back-
-toxiC.J. Yao/basiC.J. Yao-
-urban heroiC.J. Yao-
C.J. Yao 2015春夏系列
宛如带刺的蔷薇,骄人的花朵下却隐藏的另一面的冷酷,C.J. Yao带领我们一同去接触了这一朵甜美温情而又颇具冷酷性的蔷薇
美丽的事物总带有他另一面的相反性,真如C.J. Yao设计出的女侠一般

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