December 5, 2014

Coming Soon

we do not wanna still living life in our dreamy,or maybe seem like still dying in the past
we may more loved for hopping the future
so we did our plan to opening our concept idea boutique in Shanghai,CN
we may not the best seller,but we are must the best idea-maker
Minimum Lethal Dose,New Up Coming Concept Idea Boutique in Shanghai,CN(20,287 South Shanxi Rd,Huangpu District,Shanghai.,CN)
Coming Soon,Outfit Today(idea maker of MLD Concept Idea Boutique)
T by Alexander Wang Knits,Alexander Wang*HM Leather Trousers,Celine Slippers
First Debut of Minimum Lethal Dose Concept Idea Boutique Shanghai,CN
-Minimum Lethal Dose-
Was Born in Shanghai,CN.Made-up from both HongKong,Thailand,and China
we using our special way providing the fashion heave in the earth with you
we wanna brings you a easy way be the best Eyes-Killer,via Minimum Lethal Dose
we do chosen Shanghai city,CN
Shanghai,CN–the most complex city run main China
Xiaolongbao,Smelling Tofu,Old Building/Lane,French Concession…made-up local cultural
but me and you,the NewGen citizen,brings there,more than old,but futurism
that’s we do needed!!!