January 29, 2016


Outfit Today
Missy Skins Lovesick Pink Denim Jacket,Culotte and Furry Shopper Bag(here,here and here),Les Petits Jokers LOVE Lego Bag(similar here),Maria Francesca Pepe Heart Ring and Black Crystal Bangle(here and here),Swash London Furry Hat,Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers,Le Specs Sunnies
"hey it's xxxx,i am not here now,you can leave me the msg after this..."
"i missing you,it's hard ...so hard i just couldn't help it...i've don't my best to move on,but i just can't !!!"
...after all,season change,so do cities~
people come into your life and go,we couldn't pretend that "i am oaky" all the time,we are the most ordinary people,human!!!never ever can be the one we called"superman/wonder woman"
but it's comforting to know the ones you know/or loved are always in your heart!!!it's not a big deal,it's just another "fever" from heart