December 29, 2016


Bangkok, another Angel City round of Asia 

we can see the fantasy parts of this city, also some parts of them make us van off
but this city still keeping itself fantasy, and amazing bangkok on the go
can't tell how many small alley Bangkok has, but can tell you there are many many fancy cafe and restaurant down into those alley
@36/2 Pan Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand (behind the Hindu Temple on Silom Rd)
Printa Cafe, is one of those cafes which down into the small alley
was located at the first floor of an old house, Printa cafe absolutely became the most attracting view round of those old lame houses...
bright lights, clean and simply deco, with the wooden chairs and tables, no more fancy deco and stuffs, but Printa cafe says they are focus on serving tasty meals and drinks
arrived Printa cafe after we finished our Muay Class, time correct at lunch time, their yummy tasty serving on the go, all we decided have a exploring about how their tasty attracting those people that we have to be waiting for like 20 minutes, lol
Printa Cafe正是如此一件藏在巷子深处的咖啡店,坐落在Silom路印度神庙背后的一众老房区,无疑的装修亮堂的Printa Cafe成为了在一众老房中最亮眼的那一个门面,走进Printa Cafe,简约的气息批鼻而来,没有太过华丽或奢靡的装戏,日式简约风格的墙面和木质座椅整齐有序,老板说,他们不做太过空洞的奢靡装修戏码,他们做的是有心去烹饪每一道食物,从而抓住顾客的味蕾。
到达Printa Cafe时,正值午饭时间,不大的店面里已挤满了顾客,刚练完muay thai泰拳的我们饿的胃冒酸水,但是我们还是决定耐心等待20分钟,只为去探索到底这件咖啡店有如此魅力吸引着众多的食客前来捧场
this is a very longgggggggg 20minutes, we are freak starving that can having a whole elephant as the meal, finally we got our seat,and i was ordered a Ginger Soda for drink, a Thai milk tea flavor Crepe cake for after meal, but seemingly, they are much focus on serving their tasty meal, they are messed the sequence of the meal serving,i really dont like it~
Ginger Soda, spicy spicy and spicy,the spicy ginger with the sparking soda, that really waked me up from my lazy mood of this summer thirsty season
and the "wrong time serving"crepe cake 
not too thai style, not too sweet, i dont know how to find out a words to describe it, because it's crepe cake,layering of its flavors, with the specially milk tea sauce, bit of sweet and the fragrant from tea, i dont wanna tell you how much i love this cake
main course, we are chosen the Tuna salad and Seed Spaghetti with bacon
and all those two meals are
(in personal)
i dont know does that are their "focus "or not,but really not my focus, not really a big fan, its hard to describe what those meals are lack of something, but really not good to recommend for those two
a quite peaceful place in this crowded area, then you can have a seat enjoy their good afternoon serving, sparking drink can refresh you from tropics,and cake, the crepe cake absolutely will brings you more memories from this little simply cafe

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