October 1, 2013

Saint Laurent Paris:Who's the next?

Even This Is A Long-Time Things
But That’s Still The Hot Topic
I Think
And Here I Wanna Talk About Somethings About
Saint Laurent Paris
Or Maybe Hedi Slimane
And Should We Call That “Gossip”?
I Do Think That’s Mora “Gossip” Than The Formal Talk
Hedi Slimane
While Hedi Slimane Was Enthroned
Became The New “King” Of Yves Saint Laurent
He Did Lots Of “REFORM”
First,He Changed The Name
Since Then,There Is No Yves Saint Laurent,And Just A Brand New
Saint Laurent Paris
And Then As A “Tyrant”
Never Can Stand The Bad Comments Of Him
So He “Killed” Cathy Horyn
And There Is,We Never Can Cathy Horyn In Saint Laurent Paris
Cos She Did Some Bad Things To “King”
And Thrid
Hedi Give Us A New “Definition” Of SLP
The High-Street Brands’ Designs,But With The Luxury Price Tag
(Hopely I Can Living There,I Am Afraid While King Saw The Words I Said!)
Also  The Campaign Of Saint Laurent Paris Gonna Be More

Or Should We Can It’s More Cheap?
Saint Laurent Paris Campaigns
The Campaigns Of Saint Laurent Paris Really More “Hommization”Than Before While Stefano Pilati
Used In The Campaigns There Are Some “Money-Girls”Or The Famous Arrogant Stars
But Now There Are Somethings Easy Going With
The Top-Model(Freja,Yuri),The It-Girl(Cara),The Punk&Rocker(Manson)
And The Band(Daft Punk,The Gardens)
Those People Are Who We Used Know In Out Daily Life
We Saw Them In Television,News-Paper,Website And Even Some-Times We Catch Them On The Street…

We Back To The Topic
Hedi Slimane
Made Us Many “Different” Things
The Different Designs,Different Slogan,Different Campaigns
And Different.Different…
And Even There Now Is A New Saint Laurent Paris
At This Time
We Are Not Talk About The “Trends” Hedi Slimane Made For Next Season First
We Talk About The Things He Did
Which Is More “Hommization”
The Campaign
The Campaigns Seem Like Prove Us A Easy Going SLP
But When SLP Still The Luxury Brand
You Never Can Image It Becoming The Topshop Or COS
So While You Are Really Getting Close To SLP
And Check Their Price Tag,You Will Know The Truth Behind Those Campaign
Fake”Close To Civilian”
So About The Fake”Hommization” Fake”Close To Civilian”
Who’s The Best You Think Will Becoming The Next Fake”Hommization”Spokesman?
After Involves With The Models,Icons,Singers And Bands
There Is A One Kind Of Things Hedi Did Not “Touch”
The Movie
So I Do Think The SLP Next Top Spokesman Will Goes To The
Actor Or Actress!!!
And Who’s The Best One?

There Are Three People I Think Is So Suitable For SLP
Cos Them Are

Solemn,Laughably And Pornographic(I Mean Wild)

Morgan Freeman For Saint Laurent Paris
Solemn For SAINT

Pavel Petel For Saint Laurent Paris
Laughably For LAURENT

Harry Louis For Saint Laurent Paris
Pornographic For PARIS

So Which One Do You Prefer?
Or You Think Who’s The Best Fake”Hommization”Spokesman