December 22, 2015


#Wishlist Dreamy Bag for X’mas 2015
“Santa Daddy,Please Slip This Panda Bag Under My Tree”~
all i need for this coldness winter is a cutie,multi-colors bag force the

Apathy Syndrome during the winter!!!

December 14, 2015

Monday Edition

Weekly Instagram
Chengdu City,HongKong,and Bangkok,a week three different cities
different from not only temperature also cultural
brunch breathing fresh air BKK in the morning ,same day night we breath out the Chinese Carbon Dioxide when we doing self-portrait .
(#howiwearmyday:Missy Skins Leather Jacket,Vetements Long Sleeves Sweats,Comme Des Garçons Pants,Joshua Sanders Sneakers)
Insta @MingboyMMM

October 3, 2015


Founder of OOAK.CHENGDU--Mingboy Hwang
Acne Studios Jacket,Marques'Almeida Jeans,HM Knits Vest,DW Watch,Venessa Arizaga Bangle,Maria Francesca Pepe Ring
OOAK Concept Boutique creates innovative retail space that showcases and promotes exciting, independent designers to its discerning audience. Costume jewellery, ready-to-wear, accessories, gifts, homeware, art pieces and books… the possibilities are endless. We search the globe and bring you the very best hand-picked individual pieces and designer collections. At OOAK, we believe in originality, inspiration, and above all, the unrivalled quality.
#3years ago/OOAK was created in Shanghai,China.A Multi-Cultrally,Energetics 3 floors old-lane house at French Concession
#NOW,October 2015,OOAK.CHENGDU on the go!!!Yah,OOAK comes Panda city,won't leave the funny guys here alone,stay ready!!!what a life in Chengdu!

September 24, 2015

What's Your Name

What's Your Name
Outfit Today/Look I
Etoile Isabel Marant White Tank/Embroidered Jeans(here)/Denim Jacket,IRO Embroidered Kimono Coat,ACNE STUDIOS Jensen Ankle Boots,Briston Watch,Maria Francesca Pepe Seat Rings/Necklace,Les Petits Joueurs Emoji Clutch(similar here)
Outfit Today/Look II
Etoile Isabel Marant White Tank,Zara Ripped Jeans,Lambo Studio Fringes Leather Jacket,IRO Denim Coat,ACNE STUDIOS Jensen Ankle Boots(here),Maison Michel Hat(similar here),Moschino Bug Bunny Phonecase(here)

this is the question we've always ask for,or been asked since we've meet a nice guy to be friend
but never trying ask ourselves "what's your name?"
who you are,or who you wanna be? such a good question
before trying get good grades from this question
better know your name first!!!
mom always telling about the name while i was a child
she said"name is just something like your sign"
Nomen est Omen/your personality is like your name,mom said 
Ming- you are really MEAN sometimes 
 Self-Portriat via Truly Me Myself

September 21, 2015

Shake It Off

Shake It Off
Outfit Today
Lambo Knits Shirt,Marques'Almeida Flares Jeans(similar here)
Acne Studios Jense Ankle Boots(here),Reece Hudson Bag,Maria Francesca Pepe Ring
having watch whatever the video,fashion show or the real-life street style
was always adoring the gals whose wearing the boat-neck top,or the sexy tank showing off their nice collarbone and shoulders
having been with the same education for a while,our teacher,or parents let us distinguish what's the man and the woman...and also them let somethings belongs man and others belongs to woman/aka not any reasonable reason
if you do this life/learning long enough,you gotta be lazy/and enjoy the way which your teacher or parents let you go...
 was born be REBEL,them said,individual,and personal/that's my rule
so i've broken up the bullocks rule teacher and parents told me that/them are spouting their own opinions and making this stuff up,thought 
finally,i shake it off,be my self-loving lover me myself
self-portait via truly me myself

September 16, 2015


Wool We Warm
Outfit Today
HM Studio Wool Knits(here),Maison Margiela Oversize Wool Coat,One Teaspoon Leather Trousers(similar here),Maison Margiela Tabi Heels Boots,Chanel LeBoy Bag,Maria Francesca Pepe Seat Rings
photo/Self-Portrait via Truly Me Myself

September 12, 2015


for the record Couture Spring2010

for the record Couture Fall2011

for the record RTW SS2006

for the record Couture Spring2012

for the record RTW SS2014

for the record Couture Spring2011

for the record Couture Spring2010
for the record 
this collection all about Givenchy,Absolutely Riccardo Tisci does!
From SS2006 to SS2016
10 Years,since he did his first debut(the collection ss2006) Givenchy 2005,he was spent/shared whatever his happiness or bad weather us 10 years.
yah,they been together 10 years
as to celebrating the 10 years,Tisci really changed a lot
  • Moved this fashion house’s stage from Paris to New York(brought his american dream come-true)
  • Was opened the fashion show to public
as the 10 years'(celebrating) collection,this collection is not just a regular show which as usual designer do during fashion week,it also a collection/show Tisci has to showing us how the Tisci’s Givenchy is,and full of his signature designs(thankful he does not chosen those kinds of digital prints”Rottweiler,Bambi and LOVE&SEX,etc”/or should we called it commercially designs as his sign for NYC”he might not wannabe an Immigrant Intent clearly”says gossip fashionista)
转眼间,已是Riccardo Tisci在Givenchy掌舵的第十个年头,或许是巴黎高冷稀薄的空气让Tisci觉着有些厌烦,他将2016春夏成衣的秀场搬到了5840公里外的”梦想国度”美利坚合众国/在纽约高空畅快的呼吸着红白蓝相间的American Oxygen,Breath In Breath Out~也许是为了回避过于明显的美国梦,Tisci并没有选用那些过于商业化,美国梦的digital印花元素作为2016春夏成衣秀/10年大秀的基调,高呼LOVE & PEACE爱与和平,大肆挥舞着Tisci式暗黑哥特艺术
From hip pop and Parisian chic combinator,to underground rebel girl,and then sporty,or bit of street-style…now Alexander Wang is not just a label,it more like a style,this style named”ALEXANDERWANG
BOUNDARYLESS,the best word which can explaining this style”ALEXANDERWANG”clearly 
it’s doesn’t matter how long my hair is or what color my skin is or whether i’m a man or a woman
this slogan proved easily at ALEXANDER WANG,especially SS2016,Mr.WANG first time using the male model/menswear mixing into women stage,it’s strong enough proving how WANG style is
all as the M.I.A singing that
Life Fast Die Young…what the fuck about Boundary 
10年之间,王先生从旁若无人的不循规蹈矩,到笔下定义或街头或地下,倒是成了最当下的风格.”无定义”–我的头发多长,皮肤是什么颜色,或我是男是女,这些都不重要.无界限,无定义,便是最简单直白的阐释/(一切宛如Mr.Wang的取向版神秘,或男或女,都不重要,it’s all about Love,ALEXANDER WANG it’s all about STYLE)

September 9, 2015


2.7 billion us dollars...
please given up talk about the bank,even you can own a bank if you has 2.7 billion us dollars preoperty
for sure,if you are not bloody of Peter M.Brant family
better you can just skip this page,because it's a rarely practical story 
a girl whose the huge fan of all the fashion/luxe brands

having you day-dreamy of those glamorous life enough?
better be right back our real life,hard-work,that's can afford parts of them hardly
*if you wanna be that "shopaholic"/huge fan,better be the eagle eyes those five logo,i mean the credit card brands
Visa,Amex,Master,Discover and JCB
(pics via Interview magazine September Issue"I'm Your #1 Fan)


Stuffs of Cinderella
Joshua Sanders Glitter Sneakers,Ainea Furry Sandals(here),Acne Studios Adrianna Metallic Sneakes(similar here
Bella wore her Crystal heels(Jimmy Choo has the one you desired) married with Prince
and Carrie(in SATC)married with her “the one”Mr.Big wore the Manolo Blahnik 
as for me,still keep hunting the right one which should i wearing to marry with
“i have absolutely no one pair can wear”always said like this
photo via Me Myself

September 6, 2015

Song Of Tibet

Song Of Tibet
Outfit Today I

Ami Alexander Mattiussi Smily Knits(similar here),Zara Ripped Jeans,Isabel Marant Coat(on sale here),Acne Studios Jensen Suede Boots(here),Chanel Le Boy Bag,Maria Francesca Pepe Black Matel Necklace(on sale here),Rayban Sunnies
Song Of Tibet
Outfit Today II:
Sacai Leather Jacket,Wingfree SYM Trousers(here),Gucci Kangaroo Furry Slippers,Super Sunnies
sing a song from the wonderland,Tibet
wonderland is colorfully and freezing cold a lot
as the virgin time be here,the wonderland Tibet
while first sept in wonderland,such exciting of those kinds of colorfully flags,and blue sky,even it’s hard to breathing here(aka,this place is the top Flat of the earth)
Tibetan called this colorfully flags “JingFan”,it brings them lucky,also it’s another way as PRAY
over this thin air area,even can not breathing as usual
the thin air(high altitude,low oxygen)makes me calm