December 28, 2014

Cite Bourgogne,Shanghai

Cite Bourgogne/Shanghai,Outfit Today
Lagunamoon Coat,T by Alexander Wang Stripes Tee,Isabel Marant Denim Jacket
Isabel Marant Jeans,Common Projects Slip-On,Celine Trio Bag,Ray-Ban Eyewears
Cite Bourgogne 1930,the most recognizable lane Shanghai
and I Living Here,so proud of that!(haha)
today woke up such earlier morning,and enjoy the first freezing here
and i fingered out,that how dramatics shanghai is
photo via Winky Lee

December 24, 2014

'Apple X'mas

‘Apple X’mas,Outfit Today
T by Alexander Wang Knits,Acne Studios Leather Jacket,Zara Jeans
Common Projects Slip-on Shoes,Ray-Ban Wayfarer Eyewear
Jungle Bells,Jungle Bells~
i’ve still remember that while i was in mid-school,every christmas season coming up,all my classmate wanna buy an apple for themselves
cuz them are said that,a Santa Apple can brings you all the best,wish all your dream come true
as for me,this Santa season coming up,am totally day-dreamer is,so bought an apple
wish all my dream true~
so as you
i wish you X’mas

December 11, 2014

ThrowBack Town

Throwback My Town–BKK,Thai
First Day Down To My Town,Normal Lazy Morning Out,Outfit Today
AriesArise Denim Top,Back by Ann-Sofie Back Shorts,Common Projects Slip-on
Celine Tote Bag(‘ve done my new finger Tattoo:Wish my Luck,the magic Bone)
Freaky,Freaky Watch’ Out Bitchy!!!
It’s all about your Birkin Bad,but all about my Jerkin’ Bag(DIY Fake Birkin Bag,Made in Thailand)
Freaky Weird Uncle Down To Supermarket7-11,Outfit Today
T by Alexander Wang Stripes Tee,Saint Laurent Paris Zipper Up Jeans,Common Projects Slip-on,Super Sunnies
Should Be Hard-Word After Such Dish,Milin Here We Come,with Givenchy Clutch,Daniel Willington Watch
@Central World BKK,Thai
Make a Wish such Huge Santa Dick
Hello,I Live Here,Lying Down Such Wonderland,Bloomy Showroom–Kem Issara
Enjoy Such Silver/Dark Tea-Time avec AkeAke
Morning,Mr.PackCake,I’ve Dressed Done Such Pure Sexy For It(Normal T by Alexander Wang Tee as usual)
Scrawling Morning,Dress As More Cute Bitch,Outfit Today
Fleamadonna Printed Sweat,Walter Van Bierendonck Shirt(inside),Acne Studios Shorts,Sam Edelman Slip-on,YesIamFrench Clutch
Rayban Wayfarer Eyewear

This is How Night-Wilds is?! We Roll With Passion Dying in TukTuk

December 7, 2014

Before Throwback Warm

Before ThrowBack Warm,Outfit Today
Dior Homme Shirt,Zana Bayne Harness,Alexander Wang*HM Shorts(inside)&Leather Pants
Balenciaga Wool Jacket,Pierre Hardy Sneakers,Sophie Hulme Nano Bowling Bag
RayBan Wayfarer Sunnies
Before Throwback My Warm Town–BKK
still dying ICE sick Shanghai
BKK,my warm land here we come!!!
photo via Mandy Lee

December 5, 2014

Coming Soon

we do not wanna still living life in our dreamy,or maybe seem like still dying in the past
we may more loved for hopping the future
so we did our plan to opening our concept idea boutique in Shanghai,CN
we may not the best seller,but we are must the best idea-maker
Minimum Lethal Dose,New Up Coming Concept Idea Boutique in Shanghai,CN(20,287 South Shanxi Rd,Huangpu District,Shanghai.,CN)
Coming Soon,Outfit Today(idea maker of MLD Concept Idea Boutique)
T by Alexander Wang Knits,Alexander Wang*HM Leather Trousers,Celine Slippers
First Debut of Minimum Lethal Dose Concept Idea Boutique Shanghai,CN
-Minimum Lethal Dose-
Was Born in Shanghai,CN.Made-up from both HongKong,Thailand,and China
we using our special way providing the fashion heave in the earth with you
we wanna brings you a easy way be the best Eyes-Killer,via Minimum Lethal Dose
we do chosen Shanghai city,CN
Shanghai,CN–the most complex city run main China
Xiaolongbao,Smelling Tofu,Old Building/Lane,French Concession…made-up local cultural
but me and you,the NewGen citizen,brings there,more than old,but futurism
that’s we do needed!!!