February 10, 2016

New Black

Outfit Today
Look1:Fashion Contour Silk Shirt,Etre Cecile Black Pants,C/Meo Double Breasts Blazers,Gucci Furry Slippers,Dior So Real Sunnies
Look2:C/Meo Head-To-Toe Black,Gucci Furry Slippers,Dior So Real Sunnies,Maria Francesca Pepe New Moon Jewellery 
not whole world is watch,but basically whole Chinese is waiting for the most important -Chinese New Year 2016,Monkey Year,in my mind,it’s totally red everywhere china during the spring festival when i was young,the lucky money bag is red,people wore their red down jacket and coat,red lantern over~even the people always talking with the words has HONG(RED=红)
红红火火,鸿运当头,新年你最红…stuff like that
it was red in my mind when i was young coz i got a lot red lucky money bags thought 
when goes a bit older 
it doesn’t that RED anymore,can’t be that wild,bold and energetics
Black,is my new red”steady”