January 22, 2015


Vintage Denim Jacket from Levi’s@JJ Market,BKK/Popbee Mag/Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunnies
after aways from the fantasy AsianPoint in Bankok,Thailand
i’ve attended from my friend to Koh Samui,such a peaceful land/island
having enjoy my relaxing detox,relief from cruelly citizen life,i’ve get more free life to think about others
was lonely lying around 4000sq.feet,even can be spoiled from warmly sun
but feel inner more empty/blank space than this big house
‘ve checked all around this house,there’s just me and my clothing/stuffs
i’ve be proud of enjoy such fantasy views,sun that’s brings me more sexy tan
dramatics clothing/stuffs made us outfits special than other-ones

but,still can not full of the mot important part of life,even how wonderful-land i was at now