September 5, 2013

2014S/S NYFW-Nicholas "Kraal"

Nicholas K 2014s/s RTW
still be the Opening Ceremony show as last season(2013F/W)
and still the 
Nomad Nomad Nomad
the first few look
using the very clearly color
the white
head-to-toe white
it does clean and clear
but quite boring
then the color changed
sure not change to funny or some-things i am interested
them change to quite "dirty"
the army green with the dark-brown
and also featuring with the model's wheat skin
that's the most dirty i've never see before
i don't know what the designers wanna give us
a stylish soldier
a poet who's on the tramp?
if them wanna give us 
a stylish soldier
i do love to chose
the stylish soldier who made by Hermes(Christophe Lemaire)
cause you know even as be a soldier
i also wanna be the most stylish one
so i wanna be the delicate one
not the cheap one
also i don't wanna be asked by some stranger
"did you just wear head-to-toe HM?"

as be a Poet
i do prefer be the 
romantic poet who's Parisian
them chic and classic
and has their own point

but anyway
this is New York
commercial first!

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