May 10, 2014

Summer Happiness

Summer Happiness/Summer Camp Season(Ann Demeulemeester,Chloe)
now,it’s time for busy work
you better hard work,Bitchy!
you should preparing your graduate works,the Term paper,and preparing packing baggage home
also it’s time for you preparing your “summer happiness”
for sure,i thought it’s really bitchy! even you never makes yourself at home for real
then you will leave from your family again
ouch that’s so…selfish
but as we knew that we just have the only one summer round every year
so we could not waste it
so say sorry to your Daddy,and Mammy,Grandpa and Grandma,Honey or Money(Sugar Daddy)
follow the river,you will get the sea
also let’s follow a wild-heart,you will get your summer happiness
(Ashish,Dion Lee,Dior,Emanuel Ungaro,ACNE Studio)
we’ve never do not think more about packing the baggage while we go home
cuz we know that,we can bring all the things we needed home
as for our summer trip
we fall in the deeply,with confused
cause we go for our summer trip,enjoy the summer happiness
so we do not needed give ourselves much more”baggage”,also means burden!!!
so how to packaging the baggage for summer trip,is a big mission
packaging for summer happiness seem like not the big deal
cause we do not needed brings to big fur,mink hat and the leather gloves
even for some girls,them do not needed brings the foot killer–Heels
so how to bring the easy stuffs that can makes you as the laser-light is the most important mission for us!
New York City
in this city which was always fantasy–the New York city/American Dream
there are full of the two Ls(sex and the city.via)
Labels & Loves
mostly of us,as the Carrie which in SATC
having hardly find the Labels
now,we more concentrate on Loves
in case of we can find our Loves from the place whatever hopeful,or hopeless
we all should wear more easy,casual and comfy here
as the monument we landed here,maybe we can not rent a car here
but we have the most easy way to find our Loves
the Subway
you an take the Subway everywhere,but the most important thing is that
you must wear comfy and easy
cause this is New York,the big bit city
Balmain dress can easily makes you become the focus of raper
Christian Louboutin can killing you without any scar
so a comfy pumps is the point for you in-search your Loves
clearly totally black,shoulder bag
and wearing a sexy,flirty cat-eye sunnies
let’s go for hunting our Mickey!!!
Rio De Janeiro
whatever why you landed here,Rio!
the most hast city run all round the world
football,Samba and Brazil barbecue
even the weed
this is Rio
a place which full of desire,dream and robber
having making your dream come-true here,you should be more take care of yourself
even my friend Junior said he never been met the robber while he was here
but as all we knew,he just Bullocks !!!
Rio,it’s the colourful city which full of mix’in thing
you can enjoy the hot body here,try one of the best hot-dog,and cup of drink here
also you can nosing the bit of dangerous here
trying be here with a mix’in fabrics dress which has the see-through detailing
easy slip-on shoes makes you can go wherever you want to go(even a dangerous dark corner)
oh,please do not forget bring this ANYWHERE wallet come with
the wallet with the condom pocket
that’s so genius !!!
wherever you go
safety first
Bonjour,Mon cherie~
yeah,this is Paris
did you nosing the smiling of romantic ?absolutely i do not means the lanceme,or your luxury chanel
as for us,maybe Paris mostly makes us think of the romantic love story,french kisses and luxury fashion boutique
but as for Paris insider–Parisian
c’est pas vraiment le Paris
Parisian,in their Parisian life style is more easy as we thought
especially the fashion sense and life style
not as the rich bitch who’s comes from Italy,also without the downtown Swagger from London
Parisian has their own sense of everythings
also for the fashion sense
in here,Paris
in fact here is not as the movie scene of Gossip Girl–the dramatics & fabulous city
which you must dressing up(cocktail dress,little black dress…)that you can match with it in
the real Parisian do like that
having tooth brush and face washing,them may just will wasting 5minutes for wearing
a simply shirt,and skinny jeans,with’in the pointed heels
sometimes them may brings with their black blazer,or the tweed jacket
enjoy their daily schedule at Coffee Flore
my Mushroom girl who’s lost in Paris told me that,the one who’s really into Parisian style
is always not about
No Zuo No Die
cause this is not Met-Ball situation
it’s Paris
please more like a Parisian
or be the copier of Emmanuelle Alt!!!
Anna Dello Russo get-aways,please turn left!!!
having tried of EAT,and LOVE already
as for Citizens
it’s time for Pray
Pray,in Sri-Lanka
one of the most beautiful island in Indian Ocean
Sri-Lanka is beautiful as one of the crystal tears laying in the Indian Ocean
as for you,the Modern citizens
landing in this beautiful island which all abt the black-tea,Buddha and fisheries
you do not will be as usual
wearing like a office lady–pencil skirt,white shirt and killer heels
take all off this CHAIN suits
dressing more easy for enjoy this fabulous time here
satin,silk or organza
pure & light fabric dress here
slip-on shoes makes you can getting close the earth
breathing the fresh air,cup’O tea
that’s not the fairy tale
it’s our real life
welcome to this Mixture world
this place is no long easy at all
many people try their lucky here
and there are just parts of them belongs to the fortune
in this full of mixture city
you do just will brings your mixture items come with
that you can enjoy your real HongKong.nese summer happiness style here
tie-dye tee with the denim cut-off shorts,that’s causal and chic
foot on with a ankle sandals boot
fun,smart and hawt
that’s what all the young girl here will do/wear
and just go with only one statement pice ,that’s can brings you to a new stage of your summer happiness

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