May 1, 2014

Wearing in Thailand as Thai Wear

Wearing in Thailand as Thai wear(do in thailand as thai do)
Thailand Longyi Style
even i can not remember how many times i’ve been here,this land
so i do prefer called this is my second town/hometown
the land which is surrounded by ocean,and little bit of passion
with this passion on this
i’ve do the most intelligent thing
do in thailand as thai do
i’ve being dress up like a thai/local boy
trying this piece of goods
actually it’s has their own named:Longyi
the most useful locally accessory
mostly it as been the dress to wearing
but also it’s can be the skirt/shorts,dress,scarf,and whatever you wanted
poor people using it as their perfect piece ever
and the rich bitchy actually do not minds of it
and this time for me
i feels like awesome
as for me,a freak,fashion freak
i’ve been attracted by the skirt,dress and shorts,all those kinds of sexy,fun,flirt things
i’ve made this Longyi mix’in with my cool prints shirt which i got it in zara
and a pair of tartan prints sandals
easily using the dark-blue oversize scarf makes some new edge of your stage
within all those kinds of locally stuffs
the one word i’ve should say
outfit today
Zara prints patterns shirt,Zara homme scarf
Blue checks Longyi(which i got it at Burma)
Sam Edelman slippers,RayBan wayfarer eyewear

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